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Important Notice to 3ds Max 2018 Users:

Drag & Drop is not currently supported from ArchVision Dashboard to 3ds Max 2018. ArchVision is working with Autodesk to address this issue. Until this issues is resolved content can only be placed via the Create Panel in 3ds Max 2018.


ArchVision: Placing content into 3ds Max
View the process of placing RPCs into 3ds Max via Dashboard.

ArchVision: Mass Population Tools
Discover the RPC Mass Populate feature.

ArchVision: License Management
Learn about licensing ArchVision products

ArchVision: Adding RPCs using the RPC Spray Script
Learn how to use the spray script to easily distribute proxies in 3ds Max.

ArchVision: RPC Automobiles and RPC Seated People
Learn how to place Seated People into RPC Automobiles and Parking Lot Cars.

ArchVision: Parking Lot Tutorial
Learn how to quickly populate a parking lot using the Mass Populate Tool.

ArchVision: Animating RPC Semi Trucks
View the process of animating an RPC Semi Truck in 3ds Max.


Troubleshooting Watermarks

RPC Proxy Helpers

Scattering Proxies

Projection Map Shadows

Ray Traced Shadows

mental ray Daylight System Shadows

Mass Edit Tool

RPC RBG Level Script

Configuring Lighting for RPCs

RPC Spray Script Tutorial

Creating RPC Silhouettes Manually

Network Rendering with Autodesk Backburner

Changing Motion Start Times

Mental Ray Daylight Settings

Material Modifier Script

3D Compositing in 3ds Max

RPC Templates for Customizable Content

RPC Shadows Theory

RPC Environment Lighting Tips for Mental Ray