Using the RPC Material Modifier Script

The RPC Material Modifier Script is a MAXScript that allows Max and Viz users to easily modify the opacity level, change RPCs into silhouettes and even change the RGB level.

The RPC Material Modifier Script can be downloaded here:

Download the RPC Material Modifer Script (14kb)


Step 1:

To open the RPC Material Modifier Script, first click on the Utilities Panel, then select Max Script.


Step 2:

Click on Run Script and browse for This file can be accessed from any directory, but it is recommended that you place it in the \scripts directory with other script files.


Step 3:

Select RPC Opacity/Silhouette from the list of Utilities. The RPC Material Modifier Script will then load into the Utilities Panel.


Changing Opacity

To change the opacity, select an RPC and then toggle on opacity and set the percentage. A smaller percentage will generate greater transparency. Select Apply to commit the change.


Creating a Silhouette

To create a silhouette, toggle on Silhouette and then select the color of the silhouette. Choose Apply to commit the change.

Silhouette Options

* Uniform Application

  • This setting will apply the same silhouette color to all of the selected RPCs.

* Random Application

  • This option will randomly assign silhouette colors to the selected RPC Objects.

* Custom Colors

  • This option allows users to select colors to be applied to the silhouettes.

* Sequential

  • If this option is selected customer colors will be applied to RPC silhouettes in the order that they are listed in the Custom Color List.

* Random Custom Colors

  • This option will apply silhouettes to RPCs randomly from the list of selected colors. After selecting a color choose Add to Custom Colors to add this color to the Custom Color List. If you wish to change the color use the Replace Selected Color button.

Use the Remove Selected Color button to remove a single color from the color list or Clear All to remove all colors from the list. Use the up and down arrows to change the priority of color application. The color currently selected is displayed underneath the Custom Color List.

Clicking Apply will apply the current opacity or silhouette configuration to the selected RPCs.


RGB Level Script

The RGB Level Script is included with the RPC Material Modifiers package. You can view usage instructions by clicking on the following link:

Click here to view the RBG Level Script Usage Tutorial.


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