Mental Ray Daylight System Shadow Casting

Getting shadows with the mental ray Daylight system is easy thanks to the addition of the RPC Mass Utility. In this tutorial I will show you how.

First it will be necessary to create a scene. Place a plane, some RPCs and a mental ray Daylight System. You should end up with something like this:


The scene will render like this:


To get shadows to appear, it is first necessary to include the RPCs in the mental ray Daylight. This is done via the new RPC Mass Utility. Access this by clicking on Utilities-->More-->RPC Mass Utility.

Toggle on Include Planar RPCs in Lights on Placement to include all RPCs placed in the future into the Daylight.


Note: Toggling on Include Planar RPCs in Lights on Placement only affects RPCs placed after this is enabled. If RPCs have already been placed they can be clone copied and the originals can be deleted to add them to the light source.

The last step is to toggle on Cast Shadows for the RPCs (under the Modify panel).


The end results should look like this:


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