Autodesk AutoCAD Configuration

1. Get the Dashboard

The first step is to install the ArchVision Dashboard.

Note: The first time ArchVision Dashboard is launched users are prompted to create an account. All users should create unique accounts.

2. Install the RPC Plug-in for AutoCAD via the Dashboard

Simply click on Plug-in / Software and then click on the Install button next to RPc for Autodesk AutoCAD. This works for all AutoCAD versions.

Note: Older plug-in versions are available here.

3. Configure Content Paths (if necesssary)

The Dashboard provides AutoCAD with the location of RPC files. The default location is C:\RPC. If this is your first time using the product you can use the defaults. To customize alternative content locations:

Open Dashboard and select Preferences then Configure Paths to modify RPC path info.

Click on Add Path to add a content path and click on ... to modify the download path.

Open AutoCAD

4. Access the RPC Dialog in AutoCAD

To access the RPC Placement dialg simply type "rpcplace".

Or click on the yellow RPC Place Icon under the RPC Ribbon.

5. Select an RPC object to place into the scene.

6. Left click to place and then rotate it into position.

Use the ArchVision Dashboard to download additional content. Be sure and click on Sync Content under the RPC selection dialog to display newly downloaded content.

Click Here for additional usage videos and tutorials.

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