Getting Started : Step 1

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Step 1: Download and install ArchVision Dashboard

A. Downloading ArchVision Dashboard

The first step is to install the ArchVision Dashboard. The Dashboard manages content paths, content downloads and licenses. This tool should be installed onto each user's workstation.

Note: An Internet connection is required to use the ArchVision Dashboard.

B. Creating an Account / Logging-in

An Account is needed when using ArchVision Dashboard. New users should click on Create an Account. Existing users can use the login information used at

C. Purchasing a License

Once the ArchVision Dashboard has been logged into, users can purchase a license or begin testing out the product. Click on the Store button to purchase an ArchVision Software License.

If this is your first time installing, and the ArchVision Dashboard launches successfully please proceed to Step 2

Solutions to Common Issues

1. Unable to Install Dashboard

Suggested Solution:

Remove any existing ArchVision Dashboard Installations. Install using user with installation permissions. If unable to install, try downloading .msi installer available here.

2. ArchVision Dashboard not Launching

Suggested Solution:

Browse to   %localappdata%\ArchVision\Dashboard   and delete all files in this directory. Launch Dashboard again to restore default file values.

3. Internet Security Software Preventing Dashboard from Functioning

Suggested Solution:

Try disabling Internet security software and adding rules to allow communications between C:\Program Files (x86)\AchVision\Dashboard\Dashboard.exe and the URLs mentioned here on port 80.