Getting Started: Step 2

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Step 2: Install RPC Plug-ins via ArchVision Dashboard

A. Getting the RPC Plug-in

Some 3D Software packages include support for RPC natively. Some require the installation of a plug-in, so that the application knows how to place and render RPC objects.

Upon installation of the ArchVision Dashboard this tool will scan your computer to identify installed applications that have plug-ins available. Clicking on the install option will connect to and download the latest version of the installer and automatically launch it.

The Dashboard provides the most recent version of the RPC Plug-in available for the selected software package. Users of older product versions can download legacy installers here:

B. Installing the RPC Plug-in

If the RPC Plug-in is downloaded via the ArchVision Dashboard the installer will instantly launch. If downloaded manually from you will need to manually launch the installer by double clicking on the icon in the directory the file was downloaded to.

Congratulations on installing the plug-in. Please continue to Step 3.

Solutions to Common Issues

1. Unable to Install RPC Plug-in

Suggested Solution:

Install using user profile with installation permissions. If unable to install, try downloading .msi installer available here.

2. Internet Security Software Preventing Plug-in from Installing Suggested Solution:

Try disabling Internet security software.