RPC Templates

Customizable RPC Options

Did you know that some of the 3D+ RPCs have customizable parameters? These let you load your own textures onto the RPC objects so that you can truly make them your own. Check out the following customizable parameters and links to templates files. We recommend using .jpg for textures or .bmp if you are saving from photo editing applications.

RPC Automobiles / Parking Lot Cars

All RPC Automobiles and Parking Lot Cars can have custom license plates loaded.

Template Downloads

US License Template

EU License Plates

RPC School Bus

Add a custom name to the side of the school bus.

Template Downloads

Side Logo RGB

Side Logo Alpha


This highly customizable RPC lets users add the destination light board, billboards to the sides, and numbers to the top and sides of the bus.

Template Downloads

Left or Right Billboard

Destination Sign

Roof Number RGB

Roof Number Alpha

Side Number RGB

Side Number Alpha

International Truck

Customize this medium size International Box Truck with company logos for your project.

Template Downloads

Front Door Logo Color

Front Door Logo Alpha

Back Side Logo RGB

Back Side Logo Alpha

Back Door Logo RGB

Back Door Logo Alpha

Chevrolet Express Van

Add side and back logos to this Chevy Express Van.

Template Downloads

Side Logo RGB

Side Logo Alpha

Back Door Logo RGB

Back Door Logo Alpha

42" HDTV

Put your favorite show on this large HD TV.

Template Downloads

42" HDTV Screen

17" LCD TV

Put a show on this small TV.

Template Downloads

17" LCD TV Screen

Easle Pad and Dry Erase Board

You control the presentation's appearance. Put your notes on the dry erase board.

Template Downloads

Easle Pad

Dry Erase Board

LCD Monitor and Notebook

Customize LCD Monitor and Notebook screens.

Template Downloads

Monitor Screen

Notebook Screen

Laser Printer and Magazine

Print anything you like and even publish your own magazine.

Template Downloads

Laser Printer


Picture Frame and Mouse Pad

Put a client or loved one in the picture frame. Customize the mouse pad with custom company logos.

Template Downloads

Picture Frame

Mouse Pad

RPC Semi Trucks

Add some trailer or cab art on the RPC semi trucks and they're ready to roll into your project.

Template Downloads

Trailer Art

Cab Art

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