Using the RPC Creator for 2D RPCs

Creating 2D RPCs is simple. All that is required is a .PNG or .TIF with transparency. The following tutorial will show you how can quickly turn your image into a 2D RPC that always faces the camera and provides all of the features of the RPC file format.

Creating 2D RPCs

Step 1:

Go to and login.
(This is the same login used for

Step 2:

Provide the following info needed to create the RPC:

  • author (auto poulates from account)
  • contact info (auto populates from account)
  • content name
  • description of the RPC
  • height of the RPC (in inches)
  • file type should be set as from image

  • Step 3:

    Select the texture that the RPC will be created with.

    The image should be a .png or .tif with transparency. A 2-pixel border should be added to the bottom to prevent artifacts from appearing at the top of the RPC.

    Step 4:

    Click on Create RPC

    Step 5:

    Click on Download to download the RPC.

    RPC Successfully Created

    Once the RPC has been created and downloaded copy it into the path of your ArchVision Dashboard and it will then appear under the Custom RPCs tab.