Creating 3D+ RPCs

ArchVision Dashboard makes it easy to create 2D RPC objects in just the click of a button, but how can 3D+ RPC objects be created? Historically it was not possible. Now, thanks to ArchVision's Development team, this can be done using only a few files in just a few clicks. Here we will explore the benefits and explain how to do it.

Why should I convert my file to an RPC?

  • RPC contains geometry, data and texture info all in one file
  • Easy drag & drop placement into compatible apps
  • RPC files are scaled, textured and ready to render
  • Same .rpc file can be used in all apps supporting RPC
  • Additional toolsets like Mass Edit and Mass Populate available in some apps
  • Compatibility with Revit A360 Cloud Rendering

  • What is needed to create a 3D+ RPC?

  • 124 x 98 pixel .bmp Preview Image
  • .obj file
  • .jpg/.png texture file
  • Click here to learn how to generate these files.

    How to build a 3D+ RPC using

    Click here to learn how to turn the files created above into a 3D+ RPC.