3D+ Creator Guide

Using the 3D+ RPC Creator

It is now possible to create 3D+ RPCs at creator.archvision.com. RPC creation requires a .obj model, master texture in .jpg format and a preview .bmp image. For instructions creating these files, please click here. The following instructions will show how to use creator.archvision.com to create an RPC using these files.

Creating the 3D+ RPC

Start by obtaining the 3 files required to create a 3D+ RPC.

  • 124 x 98 pixel .bmp preview Image
  • .obj file
  • .jpg master texture
  • Step 1:

    Go to creator.archvision.com and login.

    Step 2:

    Provide the following info needed to create the RPC:

  • author (auto poulates from account)
  • contact info (auto populate from account)
  • description of the RPC
  • height of the RPC (in inches)
  • file type (currently only .obj is available)

  • Step 3:

    Upload each of the files needed to create the RPC. Click submit after attaching each requested file. The upload progress is shown in the Internet browser as the file uploads.

    Add Mesh

    Choose the .obj file to load into Add Mesh. Selecting Y to Z will change the orientation of the coordinates of the .obj. If the object has already been correctly oriented leave this unchecked.

    Use Mesh for RPC icon will use the render time mesh for the placement icon as well.

    Alternatively, a different .obj file can be used for the icon. See Custom Placement Icon Mesh below.

    sample .obj file

    Add Texture

    Upload the master texture previously created that will be used for the 3D+ RPC.

    sample master texture

    Add Preview Image

    Upload the .bmp that will be used as the preview image in the ArchVision Dashboard and RPC Selection dialogs.

    sample .bmp preview

    sample alternative icon

    Custom Placement Icon Mesh (Optional)

    When adding the mesh Use Mesh for RPC icon can be selected to use the mesh from the .obj as the RPC placement icon. However, it is also possible to upload a custom .obj file to use as the placement icon.

    The placement icon can be any .obj file desired to represent the object in the scene prior to it being rendered. It could be something as simple as a box that represents the volume that the object will occupy in the project. A benefit of this is that less data being added to the model.

    Note: This is not the .obj that will be used at render time. The texture will be applied to the .obj mesh provided in the Add Mesh step.

    sample custom (.obj) icon

    Step 4:

    When the uploads complete, click on Create RPC to generate the RPC.

    Step 5:

    Click on Download to download the completed RPC.

    Congratulations on Creating a 3D+ RPC!

    The RPC created via this process can be used in any application supporting 3D+ RPCs.

    Need help creating a 3D+ RPC? Please contact support@archvision.com.