Configuring content paths in ArchVision Dashboard

By default the Dashboard is configured with OOTB (out-of-the-box) paths and a path to C:\RPC. These paths can be customized to any accessible drive path.

To Configure a Path

1. Open the ArchVision Dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard icon.

2. Left click on Preferences then Configure Paths.

3. Left click on Add Path and then choose a folder.

The selected folder will then be added to the Content Paths. These are the paths that the Dashboard scans to locate content.

4. Below the Content Paths the Content Download Path can be selected. This tells the ArchVision Dashboard where content should be dowloaded to. This path is also where content created using the creation feature is generated to.

Note: In the event that the Dashboard cannot find a drive, please use Windows Explorer to browse to the directory and then copy the UNC paths (ie. \\Machine Name\Shared Folder) to the path field.

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