New Dashboard Licensing

The new ArchVision Dashboard makes licensing easier than ever before. Now instead of having the need for an ArchVision tool running on your server to manage licenses, this is all handled via the cloud. This means that users can login from anywhere to access their licenses and content.

An account is needed when running the ArchVision Dashboard. Each user should create their own account at to be able to access the Dashboard. New Accounts can be created upon launching Dashboard or existing users can login using their account.

Here are the 4 Easy steps to activate a license:

1. Open ArchVision Dashboard, log in using an account.

2. Click on the "Buy/Activate License" button

3. Copy your activation code into the text box.

4. Click the "Activate" button to assign the license to your account


Single User Licenses

When a single user license is purchased an activation code is e-mailed to the purchaser. This license is valid for one user only. It is automatically assigned at the time of purchase.

Floating Licenses

Much like a single user license an activation code is e-mailed to the purchaser. However this license can be shared across the network (one user concurrently). To activate a a floating license users needs to login to their account and enter their activation code. The first person to enter the activation code is made the Administrator. Each time the activation code is used a user is added to the pool. The code will only work for users who are not currently in the license pool. Administrators can also add users to a license pool via the License Administration dialog shown below.

To access this dialog login to ArchVision Dashboard as an Administrator and click on License Administration under the e-mail address.


To add a user to a Floating License pool simply click on Add User and enter the e-mail address of the user to associate with the license. This interface shows which users are accessing licenses at any given time. Users can be Added or Removed from the pool by Admin Users. By default the first person to use the activation code is the Admin user.

Purchased a License and Need an Activation Code?

Your activation code can be accessed by logging into (using the purchasing agent's account) and clicking on My Account. The activation code is shown in the order history.

Plug-in Configuration

All users should configure plug-ins to point to the local Dashboard to obtain a license. Use the IP Address on port 14931 to ensure the connection. Please view Getting Started documentation for your application for instructions on locating the Configure Content menu.

See Dashboard Deployment for more details on configuring network deployments and render nodes.


Licensing for Network Rendering

Network render nodes receive license status from the computer submitting the render job. Render nodes do not need to have a Dashboard installed. However, these should be configured to connect to a Dashboard for path information. ArchVision offers a tool called ArchVision Dashboard Service which is used to provide path information to render nodes not requiring license information. Learn more about network rendering here.

Instructions for easily configuring the license/path settings for multiple computers is available here: Dashboard Deployment Options.

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