Please Read Before Installing Dashboard

Q: What will happen to the ACM?

The ACM is integrated into the new Dashboard. This means the ACM will no longer appear in the system tray.

Q: Where should my Dashboard be installed?

The Dashboard should be installed onto every user's computer. When network rendering an ArchVision Dashboard Service can be installed. Learn more about this tool here.

Q: What do I need to configure to ensure my content is available?

Each Dashboard should have paths added to the content location. This should be a shared location that is accessible to all users.
You will also need to configure download paths.

Q: What do I need to do to access my ArchVision Software License?

Step 1:  The Dashboard should automatically detect Floating licenses on your network and Single User licenses.

Step 2:  RPC Plug-ins should be configured to connect to the Dashboard on the local computer using the computer name or network Address on port
               14931 with the TCP/IP option enabled.

Q: What about network rendering?

This process is outlined in this document: Network Rendering Using ArchVision Dashboard

Q: Will all of my content be displayed in my Dashboard?

The entire ArchVision Collection will be displayed and available for use, along with your custom RPC content. It is important to note that previously purchased
library content will not be shown in Dashboard, but will be available within the plug-in.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the Internet?

Yes, an Internet connection is required to download content and access a license. Your firewall will need to be configured to allow this.

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