Fun with RPC Creator - RPC Dogs!
RPC Creator makes it easy to bring a new level of detail (and fun) to your projects. Check out the steps below for adding details like RPC dogs to your next project.

Step 1
Perform a search for "dogs png" on (we've found the best results for PNGs on Bing) and download some of the files.

Step 2
Now open up the Dashboard RPC Creator panel and drag & drop the PNG(s) onto the Drop Zone at the lower left. If that image hasn't previously been converted (for more info on our Universal Tagging technology read this) into an RPC you'll need to supply a name and real-world height for the RPC and click on the "Apply/Process" button at the lower right. After they've completed processing click on the Custom RPCs Channel tab at the top right to see your newly created RPCs. Double-click on an RPC to open the Tag Editor and add custom Tags for easy search and navigation by Filters.

Step 3
Now drag & drop the newly created RPC(s) into Revit or your favorite RPC-enabled application and have fun!


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