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Dashboard Deployment Instructions

ArchVision Dashboard Installer

The ArchVision Dashboard should be installed onto each of the client workstations.

ArchVision Dashboard Installer

MSI Installers are available here.

Auto Update Settings / Global Configuration Paths

By default, users can perform updates, and specify download and content paths. However, Administrators can run the Dashboard installer with the following configuration parameters to override these user settings. These parameters must be specified when running the msi installer. They are as follows:

AutoUpdate = true/false

Downloadpath = X:\

Contentpath = X:\

The command should looks something like this:

msiexec /i dashboard.msi AutoUpdate=true DownloadPath=X:\ ContentPath=X:\


These settings are stored in Dashboard.xml located in '%localappdata%\archvision\dashboard'

RPC Plug-in MSI Installers

Obtain .msi version of RPC Plug-ins here.

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