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DETAIL WAREHOUSE is a monstrous collection of over twenty-seven thousand Drafting Views and nearly one thousand additional Revit Detail Components. These drafting views are accessed via a new tool called ArchVision AVAIL. This new tool allows users to browse the Drafting Views and Components using a filtering technology that updates and refines the browsing results when each filter tag is selected. This allows users to go from a very broad to very specific browsing selection in just a few clicks.


Step 1:     Purchase a subscription to ArchVision's DETAIL WAREHOUSE.

Step 2:     Using instructions sent to you from ArchVision, download ArchVision AVAIL.

Step 3:     Run the AVAIL Installer and follow onscreen instructions.


Step 1:     Launch AVAIL by clicking on the desktop icon.

Step 2:     Login to AVAIL using a account. Only accounts with an active DETAIL WAREHOUSE subscription will see these channels.

Step 3:     Select a Channel to browse. This choice can be made via the channel list or the channel drop down selector.

Sample Content Channel     Users can demo DETAIL WAREHOUSE and access FREE sample content here.

Browse Options

These buttons control the browsing view:

:     Displays content details..

:     Displays small icons.

:     Displays large icons.

:     Toggle this on with any of the other views to show properties and a preview.

When properties mode is enabled and content is clicked on a hi-res preview is displayed.

Step 5:     Browse the Content

Filters are used to drill down to the desired content. Start at the first level. Then choose a filter from each row to continue to narrow the search. Each filter applied will narrow the content displayed. Go from thousands of results to a managable number in just a few clicks.

    Grouped: For DETAIL WAREHOUSE this is the recommended browsing mode. This provides a hierarchy of filters that when selected narrow down
             the browse results until the desired type of content is located.

   Loose: Toggling this option shows all filters available to filter with. This is less useful, but will show all availalbe filters.

Browsing Example / Using Filters

The following will show an example of how filters can be used to find a precise drafting view of a door we need for a project. We'll start with the DETAIL WAREHOUSE channel, Doors and drill down to a specific drafting view.

A. Start by selecting the channel doors. This channel includes 1,613 details.

B. Under Filters apply the first filter in the hierarchy. For this example we will select Threshold. Instantly the results are narrowed to 494. In one click we have
      eliminated 1,119 details.

C. Next we will choose from the options that have appeared after selecting Threshold. I'm looking for an Exterior Wall (no cavity) drafting view so I'll choose this
      one. Now we've narrowed the selection to 264 details.

D. From the narrowed results we will choose Ext. Finish Material: Metal Panel (2" insulated"). Now we're down to 48 drafting views to choose from.

E. Next we can noarrow the results further by clicking on Door Material: Insulated Mtl. There are only 4 results to choose from. No need to go any further.

F. At this point we can view the drafting view and it's properties. Once the desired drafting view is found it can be downloaded.

TIP: Multiple filters can be selected on each row when browsing for content.

Step 6:     Download Content

Right click and select download in details mode, or left click on     in small or large icon mode.

Download progress is shown by clicking on the Downloads button that appears when a Download is performed.

Content is downloaded to %localappdata%\archvision\avail\downloads and then saved into a folder named by the channel. Click on the folder icon to open the content folder that the file was downloaded to.

For instructions on loading Drafting Views (.rvt files) into Revit click here.

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