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DETAIL WAREHOUSE, is an annual subscription that provides users with over 27,500 Native Revit Drafting Views. Learn more here:

Yes. Demo versions can be downloaded here:

The drafting views are currently available in Imperial units only.

AVAIL is a powerful new tool actively in development by ArchVision. A version with limited functionality is shipped with DETAIL WAREHOUSE to facilitate fast easy DETAIL search. Users log into this application to browse the DETAILs and download them. Download instructions are e-mailed when DETAIL WAREHOUSE is purchased.

This annual subscription provides users with access to the DETAIL WAREHOUSE database. Using the AVAIL tool they can easily locate drafting views in .rvt and .dwg formats and components in .rfa format from a collection of 27,500+ views. Once downloaded users can add these to their detail libraries and shared throughout the company. The license allows only one user to login concurrently. Learn more here:

•Details provided in .rvt and .dwg format

•Components provided in .rfa format

•Currently available in Imperial units only.

No. The DETAIL WAREHOUSE can be accessed via any computer? However only one user can login concurrently. AVAIL needs to be installed though.

Note: When a license is checked out it remains in use for 1 hour and cannot be accessed on another computer during the hour.

To access the DETAIL WAREHOUSE an Internet connection is required. Drafting views (.rvt) and components (.rfa) can be used offline once downloaded.

Roof, Window, Door & Foundation details.

The DETAIL WAREHOUSE is comprised of Details for Revit 2013 and above. This product is intended for Revit 2013 or later users.

The DETAIL WAREHOUSE is comprised of Details for AutoCAD 2013 and above. This product is intended for AutoCAD 2013 or later users.

After purchasing DETAIL WAREHOUSE an e-mail will be sent to you with instructions for downloading ArchVision AVAIL, a special tool for accessing the DETAIL WAREHOUSE content.

This product is available for purchase here:

Each drafting view is created from the 900+ components included with the DETAIL WAREHOUSE subscription. Preview images of these components are shown here:

Yes, samples can be downloaded from inside the Demo DETAIL WAREHOUSE AVAIL product. Please install to access these. DETAIL WAREHOUSE installer is available here:

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