Bentley Microstation Configuration

Available in Microstation V8 & Higher

Bentley SELECT Subscribers can enable RPC support for Microstation 8 by downloading the most recent Visualization Enhancement package from Bentley Select Services, which requires a paid subscription. Please contact Bentley SELECT Services for additional information. After the Visualization Enhancement package has been installed, the following steps can be used to place RPC Content into a Microstation scene.

1. Get the Dashboard

The first step is to install the ArchVision Dashboard.

Note: The first time ArchVision Dashboard is launched users are prompted to create an account. All users should create unique accounts.

2. Content Paths

Content paths for RPCs used in Microstation are configured via the ArchVision Dashboard.

Open Dashboard and select Preferences then Configure Paths to modify RPC path info.

Click on Add Path to add a content path and click on ... to modify the download path.

3. Placing Content

Step 1: Select Tools from the menu bar.

Step 2: Select Visualization from the list of tools.

Step 3: Select RPC from the remaining options.

Step 4: A floating selection tool will appear.

Step 5: Select the RPC Place icon. This will launch the Place RPC Cell dialog.

Step 6: From the Place RPC Cell dialog, click on the magnifying glass icon to browse to the directory where your RPC Content is located. Once loaded, all of
            the RPCs will be available by using the Category drop-down menu. The Name drop-down allows you to select which RPC within that library to place.

Step 7: A placement object will become available with an arrow depicting where the front of the RPC will appear. Move the mouse with the left button
            depressed to orient the RPC as desired. Release the left mouse button to place your RPC. Once the Cylinder is placed, move the mouse to adjust the
            arrow around the z-axis, which will allow for fine-tuning of the direction RPC will face when rendered.

Step 8: After placing the RPCs, click the Edit RPC Icon or any other tool to exit the placement dialog.

Step 9: Select a renderer, such as smooth or phong, and the RPC will render when you click in the view.

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Key-in Placement

RPCs can be added to a scene by using the key-in phrase rpc place.

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