3.5D Walking People in Microstation

Quick Tutorial

Scene Setup

The Micrsotation scene must be configured for 3D to place RPC Content. RPCs can be rendered from nearly all of the 3D Views. To make the process easier, please load the following tools. All of the necessary animation tools are located under the Tools Menu in the Visualization sub-menu.

The tools that are needed are:

  • * RPC (fig.1)
  • * Animation Actors (fig.2)
  • * Animation Preview (fig.3)

Step 1

Click on the RPC Place button to place an RPC into the scene. For help placing RPC Content in Microstation, please see the Microstation Getting Started Document.


Step 2

Insert a linear element that will form the RPC's path. For this example, the line tool has been used.


Step 3

Create an actor using the placed RPC. To create an actor please perform the following steps:

  • 1. Select the RPC
  • 2. Select Create Actor
  • 3. Provide a name for the Actor
  • 4. Place the Z-Y Compass to specify the correct direction

Step 4

  • 1. Select the RPC
  • 2. Select the Script Actor Icon
  • 3. Select the name of the Actor to script

Step 5

  • 1. Click on the RPC and choose Define Actor Path
  • 2. Select the Actor (RPC) that will move and place an endpoing on the linear element.

Step 6

Select play from the Automation Preview menu and the RPC cell will move along the path.


Step 7

Select Record to begin recording the animated sequence. Here the rendering type, render resolution, frame sequence and other options can be selected. Press OK to begin the animation rendering process.


The RPC will then Walk.


For additional assistance using RPC Technology, please visit www.archvision.com or contact our live Support Team
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.