Entourage Workshop for Revit

Getting Started

Step 1: Download the latest ArchVision Dashboard here:

Step 2: Get the Entourage Workshop Plug-in for Revit:http://www.archvision.com/content/downloads/RPCPlugin_Revit2017_64bit.exe

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Install the Entourage Workshop Plug-in for Revit.

Step 2: Locate the Entourage Workshop Styles icon under the ArchVision tab.

Step 3: Click on the Styles button.

Step 4: Click on Add Style to create a new style.

Step 5: Modify the settings for the new style.

Step 6: Click on the RPC menu and select the content to apply a style to.

Step 7: Click on Apply to apply the style.

Enjoy the results.

Need help? Please e-mail support@archvision.com.