Rhino Configuration

1. Get the Dashboard

The first step is to install the ArchVision Dashboard.

Note: The first time ArchVision Dashboard is launched users are prompted to create an account. All users should create unique accounts.

2. Content Paths

Content paths for RPCs used in Rhino are configured via the ArchVision Dashboard.

Open Dashboard and select Preferences then Configure Paths to modify RPC path info.

Click on Add Path to add a content path and click on ... to modify the download path.

3. Rhino Connection Settings

Access the RPC dialog by entering RPC into the command line.

Click on the Advanced button.

Click on Configure Content

Enter the Network Address and click on Update.

4. Placing RPCs

Select an RPC from the Thumbnail browser and click on Ok to insert the object into the scene.

Left click in the scene to place the RPC. Drag the cursor to rotate. Left click again to lock the RPC into place. It is now ready to render.

Need help? Please e-mail support@archvision.com.