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The return policy for all products is available here:

Yes, RPCs are compatible with V-Ray for Revit, 3ds Max and SketchUp.

V-Ray Educational orders require that the purchase be approved by the manufacturer. Please sign the end user license agreement (link below) and send a current class schedule and student or faculty photo ID.

Once approval for the purchase has been given users are notified. This process typically takes about one business day.

V-Ray 3.0 products do not require the purchase of a license dongle.

ArchVision is an authorized reseller of V-Ray. This product can be purchased here:

V-Ray orders are processed by Chaos Group, the manufacturer. Chaos Group is located in Bulgaria so orders usually take 1 business day to process. V-Ray also requires a hardware dongle be shipped via UPS/ USPS. License dongles ship un-programmed, so please allow for an additional business day for programming.

V-Ray 3.0 is licensed by software license server that connects to Chaos Group's license server. Rendering node licenses are sold separately with V-Ray 3.0

V-Ray product documentation is available here:

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