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The return policy for all products is available here:

Yes, RPCs are compatible with V-Ray in 3ds Max. Additional support is currently in development.

V-Ray Educational orders require that the purchase be approved by the manufacturer. Please sign the end user license agreement (link below) and send a current class schedule and student or faculty photo ID.

Once approval for the purchase has been given users are notified. This process typically takes about one business day.

Yes, V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp or later does require the purchase of a V-Ray USB License dongle.

ArchVision is an authorized reseller of V-Ray. This product can be purchased here:

V-Ray orders are processed by Chaos Group, the manufacturer. Chaos Group is located in Bulgaria so orders usually take 1 business day to process. V-Ray also requires a hardware dongle be shipped via UPS/ USPS. License dongles ship un-programmed, so please allow for an additional business day for programming.

V-Ray 3.0 is licensed by a USB hardware lock called a USB dongle. Rendering node licenses are sold separately with V-Ray 3.0 ArchVision ships a blank license dongle that will need to be programmed by the manufacturer. V-Ray cannot get a license without a V-Ray License dongle.

Users with existing dongles can have their dongle programmed to accommodate newly purchased licenses. There is no cost associated with dongle programming. Please allow one extra business day on top of the delivery date for the programming of dongles.

V-Ray product documentation is available here:

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